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August 13th Goofy Gremlin News

I admit, I have a secret. I know how to pick a horse, and I know how to win. There is no such thing as a sure thing but there is a way to increase your odds. The key words in that last sentence was, "increase your odds". Why would you want anything less? Do you like to be on a losing streak? Don't you ever get tired of paying the game just to walk away unsatisfied? If you want to hear my secret, you're just going to have to read on.

Hi, I'm Wilbur. I am an expert on horses, well at least I think I am. I have been around them for a large part of my life, At first I was afraid of them and then after meeting a very special horse, I no longer fear them. Horses have become my life. With the tips I picked up from my friend, the hard work I put into study and research, I now make a nice living with horses. The best part of all, it's a hobby that I never have to get my hands dirty doing. Let me share my knowledge with you.

When you are at the track, what is it that encourages you to pick your horse? For some, it's just the name and for others, it's the odds. I'm not going to tell you that this is wrong, I'm just going to tell you that my wild friend has a bit more insight and shared her secret with me. See, my wild friend Fire, happens to know a lot more about horses than the average person and Fire also knows about the importance of trainers and how they train the horses.

There was a secret that fire shared with me. I won't get into the details as I have already posted them at another site. What I will do is tell you he basics of what was said to me over at Mr. Ed's farm. Fire told me that you have to research the trainers, the horses blood lines and the jockey. A good trainer will not break the horses spirit and they will also have a reputation for training winning horses. Now as for the bloodlines, a stupid horse will produce a stupid colt, a slow horse will produce a slow colt and a fast horse will produce a winner.

Now about that guy sitting on the horse. Oh sure he might wear funny clothes to distract you from really studying him but now this is important. If he is heavy and tall, he will not ride well. If he is mean to the horse, the horse will not respond to him well. If he looks like he is drunk, chances are he is and might actually go the wrong way on the track.

I hope you learned a lot from this article. I didn't add the part about how important brown balls were but here is a hint: A fast horse eats a well diet. It eats enough to keep it healthy and therefore the extracts are normally the same every time. Check to see if it's deposit is pasty or firm. Do the research and find out exactly how a health horse's brown balls should look and feel. Health is also important for a horse to win a race.

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